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You rely on sight more than any of your other senses. From identifying loved ones to working a normal job, the power of sight is something you should never take for granted.


Eye care is an important part of your health. Get the expert assistance you need from Mauricio Figueroa, MD today!

Whether you know you have poor vision or are prone to headaches and other health problems related to your eyesight, Mauricio Figueroa, MD has the tools to help you improve your vision. Our services include:


-  Comprehensive eye exams

-  Diagnoses and treatment

-  Eye disease screenings

-  Accurate readings

Improve your vision

Not all eyes are created equally, and Dr. Mauricio Figueroa is very aware of this fact. With years of experience treating medical conditions and vision problems, no one is better trained to provide personalized care.


Let us show you what we can do with care customized to your eyes. Call today to make an appointment!

Get individualized care

When you need help from an ophthalmologist, you need the services only Mauricio Figueroa, MD can provide. Speak Spanish? Se habla español!

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